Common questions asked about setting up a Sportswear Business

Some typical questions asked about sportswear design, sampling and production.

Who do you work with?

We work with performance sportswear brands from large established blue-chip brands through to startups with a great idea.


Do you hold stock?

No. Everything we do is bespoke to our client's needs. We never replicate and we don’t hold stock of generic sportswear that is simply embroidered or printed.


Where do you source?

We have built up a large network of factories since we established in 1997. These factories all have their unique skills and are based in China, Vietnam, Korea, Sri Lanka, Portugal and Lithuania.


What products do you design and produce?

Anything sports related. If you want jeans or a basic cotton tee, then head to the fashion consultants. If you want your product to have an element of performance and function then we right for you. We work across all sports categories and produce everything from base-layers to outwear. Clients have included some of the worlds best within -


Ski - Outdoor - Marine - Golf - Fitness - Gym - Run - Cycle - Triathlon - Combat - Equestrain - Football - Swim - Athleisure -  Polo - Surf - Workwear and wearable tech.


What are the lead times?

This depends on where you are as a business and what you need. If it’s a blank page we are starting from it usually takes a minimum of 11-12 months before you receive goods. If you have designs and specifications in place then this will reduce to potentially 4 months depending on the time of the year.


How much experience do you have?

Established in 1997, we have worked with over 120 brands across all types of sports and categories of clothing. We don’t believe there is another supplier with as much experience as we have.


How much does it cost?

This really depends on the brief and how complex it is. It also depends on which services you require.

If you have a budget of under £10K to launch the brand then things are going to be incredibly hard going and undoubtedly you will require crowdfunding or investment to pay for the stock. We can help create and guide your crowdfunding campaign and can manage the whole process or get involved as much as required. Contact us for a quick quote.


How much does the production costs?

This will depend on lots of factors but predominantly the fabrics used, the components, the volume and the quality required. We always say, you get what you pay for. If you are looking for quality products, produced in an ethical factory using quality fabrics and components, then you need to expect to pay the price for this. It’s impossible to produce a Rolex for the same costs as a swatch watch!


We work across many price points from large discount retailers to very high performance and luxury brands and have suitable factories that have expertise in both of these fields.


Some of our clients sell similar types of products but the quality, finish, feel, lifespan, function and performance will all be different depending on the desired target market. For instance, we can source a fast-wicking base-layer for $3 but we also produce base-layers using merino silk and produced with laser cut bonded seams for $30.


What services do you offer?

Everything from a blank page through to a strategy of how to sell the product.


When we work with startups we generally become integral to their team and can provide everything from brand, logo and brand ID, product design, specifications, samples, testing, fitting, grading, sealing samples, sourcing, production, shipping, photoshoots, pacshots, film, social media and web site design.


Do we need to take all of the services you offer?

No, select the ones that you need. It’s a menu so pick the services you need help with and get in touch.


Where are you based?

We are based in Hertfordshire, UK.


Do you work with clients outside the UK?

Yes, we have worked with clients all over the world from USA to UAE and even as far as Australia.