Contact us now to get more information on how we design and source sportswear for our clients



We get lots of enquires every week and we can only work with a limited number of clients at any one time. 

Can you therefore please give us as much information as possible about your brand, the sportswear products you want to develop and if possible the services you think you need.

Please email us with as much information about what you want to achieve, the brand, where you are with the business/brand and why you want to do this.


The more information the better. We want to hear all about your plans and what you want to achieve. Don't worry about waffling on as the more background we get about your project, the more we can understand it and see how we might be able to work together. 

Some information we will need -:

  • Do you have a brand name and logo?

  • Are you trading?

  • What sort of products are you looking for - Fitness, Ski, Outdoor etc?

  • Can you list the products you want to develop?

  • Where are you based?

  • Do you know how many pieces per style you want to produce?

  • Do  you know what services you require?

  • Do you require crowdfunding or investment?

  • Do you have a set budget to launch this brand/range of products?

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