Activewear Photography and films.

If a picture tells a thousand words, imagine what a film can do.

A photograph or film can demonstrate an idea, concept, mood, tone, atmosphere or feeling with one single image, much more quickly than a narrative can ever explain things. This enables the viewer to perceive the essence of the brand almost immediately without a word being written or spoken.


At Blue Associates Sportswear, we understand the importance of producing quality photography and films for our activewear clients and therefore provide a full turnkey service to create quality photoshoots from studio pac-shots to full location films.


Using a photographer or creative agency that doesn’t specialise in shooting sportswear simply won’t get it. Everything must be on point, from the accessories used, location, models, stance and makeup. If one aspect is wrong, the shoot looks staged and fake, something we see time and time again when brands farm shoots out to no activewear studios. 


Brand photography and film not only tells a story but sells your brand. Consumers fall in love with brands not only because the product and ethics are great, but because the imagery the brand produces echoes the brand values 100%.  If the photography isn’t perfect, then this love affair ends quickly, and the brand's overall image becomes tainted. 


We see established brands struggle to ever obtain the “Love and Passion” great brands achieve because they don’t pay enough attention on their shoots and produce collateral that doesn’t hit the mark. Lots of easy mistakes are often made. Here are some of the most common ones.


  1. Using models rather than athletes. 

  2. Full glamour make-up and hair.

  3. Pairing competitor accessories or non-suitable accessories.

  4. Choosing poor or average locations.

  5. Shooting in the wrong light.

  6. Not partnering with like for like branded accessories/props.

  7. Poor storyboarding.

  8. Lack of understanding of the activity or sport.


We work closely with a small network of incredibly talented sportswear photographers to create films and shoots that highlight the brand values and product attributes. It’s in our interest to make sure our client’s brand and products are showcased in-line with the quality of the product design and manufacture so we can both benefit from the success.

Below are some films to highlight our art direction on recent shoots, you can also see our videos on our YouTube channel.