Want to launch your own sportswear brand?

Updated: Apr 23

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Have a great idea?

Don’t have the experience to turn this idea from concept to finished product?

Get in touch.

We have over 20 years of experience within the sportswear market and can assist you with the support required to launch your brand. Having worked with over 150+ StartUp businesses and have also created and successfully launched a couple of our own, house brands too. This experience has been distilled into our StartUp Pack and is there to help guide you through the process of launching your new brand.

We have worked with many start-up brands, working with them on everything from brand creation, logo design, product design, sourcing, development and prototypes, sizing, samples, production, shipping and marketing support. Many of these are now leading brands within their sector and we continue to support them as they grow from start-up to become part of the establishment.

If you have a budget of under £10K to launch the brand then things are going to be incredibly hard going and undoubtedly you will require crowdfunding or investment to pay for the stock. We can help create and guide your crowdfunding campaign and can manage the whole process or get involved as much as required. Contact us for a quick quote.

Trying to launch a new brand and wanting to produce 50 per style just isn’t going to work. The costs involved to produce such a small volume won't be commercial for you and non of the quality factories that work with the key brands will entertain such a small volume.

Funding your stock before you place your bulk order is a potential way around this and we can help you do this via crowdfunding. We provide a solution that allows you to obtain orders from customers when you launch without having to commit to bulk orders. This will need you to have all your ducks lined up and you will need to go through the design and development stages and have finished samples ready to go into bulk production once your campaign has finished.

Crowdfunding allows you to pre-sell your concept to customers, obtain the cash for bulk production and critically created some press and brand advocates so that when you launch your site and your stock eventually arrives, you have a database of customers that may order more and help spread the word.

We offer a turnkey solution for crowdfunding, helping you create content for the Kickstarter or/and IndieGoGo campaign platforms, photography, film and full strategy for the campaign so you have the best chance to raise funds and turn your concept into reality while reducing the cashflow burden and risk.

We can guide and assist you through the whole process from the viability of creating your unique concept, creating your brand to delivering the product to your customers and marketing support to make sure the brand message is always on point.

We are here to help you succeed. It’s in our interest as successful clients come back for more, so message us today for support with starting your sportswear business.