We design, develop, source and produce high performance sportswear for blue chip brands and start up

Updated: Jan 21

Established in 1997 we have been designing, developing, sourcing and marketing high performance sportswear for blue chip sports clothing brands and start ups around the globe ever since. Many of our designs and therefore clients often win “Best in Test”against their closest competitors due to the innovative product we design and produce for them as we approach product design and development in a different way to most sportswear brands.

Because we work with sportswear brands in so many different sports we are ale to look at the sportswear market as a whole rather than focus our research into one specific activity. This general knowledge of the whole sportswear market allows us to share technologies, fabrics, research, manufacturing techniques and garment features from one sport that may not be obvious to another.

For this reason we are often brought into established high profile sportswear brands that have an internal sportswear design and development team to bring some fresh thinking and innovation to the brand.

We also work with many start up brands who have lack experience about design, development or how to source sportswear but have a great idea, potential route to market and funding in place. Many of these start up are now successful brands with some now established as brand leaders within their sports sector.

When we work with any client we ALWAYS start with a blank page and break each garment down into its basic ingredients, right down to which fibres to use to extract the highest performance for the end use. We then source fabrics from our vast library of technical mills around the world and if we can't find a suitable material we start to develop a bespoke material, specifying which fibres to use, how they are blended and the performance finishes required.

Once we have determined the fabrics we start to design the garment based on the required features and target price points. We also design and develop all the bespoke trims such as cord locks, buckles, buttons, adjusters and swing tickets.

We source from a large network of highly trusted partners in Europe and the Far East and select the partner based on the brands requirements taking into account minimums, quality, service and technical ability. Our philosophy is simple - "If we produce the very best product at competitive costs then hopefully you sell more. If you sell more, we produce more and everyone wins.