What we do...

Updated: Jan 21

We offer our clients a full turnkey solution from brand creation through to a sales and marketing strategy and everything in between. Below is a brief description of what we offer.


Many of our start up clients have a great product idea but have note established a business or brand yet. We discuss the clients objectives for the business, its product, target consumer and price structure to then come up with a suitable brand name. Once we have established some suitable brand names, we search for existing trade marks and potential conflict before we submit the trade mark registration.


Once we have the brand name and fully understand the target demographic, price point and brand positioning within the market, we create the brand logo and icon for the business. Once the logo is approved, we create the brand guidelines for other creatives to follow so that every touch point the consumer sees is consistent.


We can create a detailed report based on current market trends and competitive activity within a sector of the market. This research can be applied to product, colour, trend and consumer purchasing activity.


We can suggest a potential range plan based on consumer trends, budget and suitability for the brand.


We design each piece from a blank page, taking into account the target consumers requirements that includes performance, features, quality and features. We have been designing performance sportswear for over 26 years from simple accessories through to complex waterproofs and everything in between.

Our clients vary from sport to sport from Equestrian, gym and fitness, training, sailing, golf, outdoor, ski through to general athleisure and because of this broad experience, we can often suggest innovative solutions or technologies that might not be immediately obvious.


We work with a trusted network of suppliers that help support our start up clients with smaller volumes in the hope they become successful and eventually turn into a long term client that hit standard factory minimums.

Our suppliers are based around the globe from China, Vietnam and Korea through to Europe and even the UK.

We place production based on the clients requirements of quality, features, skill and price and are not financially linked to any of our suppliers, guaranteeing you get the most suitable supplier based on ability.

We also work with a huge network of fabric mills and trim suppliers from around the world, again sourcing the most suitable ingredients for the product.


A range of samples will be produced to approve the features, fit, durability and care of the product before the bulk production starts. These samples are always produced at the factory that will finally produce the bulk production so that they are fully involved in this process and understand why each specific feature has been developed in the way it has. Working with the factory from specification through this process of prototypes and sealing samples stops any confusion and reduces cost.


Once the designs are approved, we created a detailed specification that any factory can follow including fully graded size and detail CAD diagrams to explain any complex features. This specification gets updated with any changes required after we have critiqued any prototypes/samples so that the final spec matches production.


We manage every aspect of the production process from sealing sample through to shipment sample. We can also manage inline QC inspection and full packaging and shipment specification.


We can manage the shipping, importation and logistics from factory to your DC. We can also suggest a DC if you don’t have this set up already. We work with a logistics expert that can suggest the fastest and cheapest solution to shipping your goods and feed you through the process of importation, duty and VAT.


Many of our start ups biggest hurdle is funding the cost of the bulk production. We therefore provide a crowdfunding solution that enables our clients to promote their brand on suitable crowdfunding platforms and obtain pre orders to help fund the bulk production.

Crowdfunding is a great way to help fund production but because the major platforms have a huge consumer database, this can create some fantastic pre launch sales and brand evangelists and if suitable PR is created at the same time as the campaign launch, can create some great publicity too.


Having worked in the sportswear arena since 1993, we understand what works and what doesn’t. We can help manage the social media platforms and create your e-commerce website . We also work with social marketing partners that can create a specific strategy to advertise your brand on all social media platforms and via google adwords.

We can support your brand via suitable PR content including press releases, contacts and a full PR strategy.