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At Blue Associates Sportswear, we have always focussed on innovation and developing ethically produced sports apparel. Over the last 10 years, this focus has  evolved into becoming one of the worlds leading suppliers of recycled and sustainable sportswear.


Every year, 1 million seabirds and marine mammals are killed due to the effects of plastic waste. Scientists estimate that by 2050 there will be more plastic waste than fish in our oceans.


Working with over 100 fabric mills around the globe, we have the ability to tap into the latest performance fabrics that have been developed by recycling polyester bottles and plastic waste from oceans and landfill.


Alongside this, we also develop sustainable sportswear using other eco friendly fibres such as merino wool and carry this focus through every detail and component of the garment, using recycled polyester and natural fibres to create bespoke trim for badges, labels, buttons, zips etc.


We don’t stop there though. We look at packaging and offer alternatives to the wasteful plastic bags sportswear usually comes packaged in from the factory. We have packaging solutions that are not only environmentally friendly but have a second use after the consumer has unpacked their new sportswear garment.


We have even developed a cost effective packaging solution that garments are packaged in and then becomes the garment wash bag, collecting the tiny plastic fibres that get washed away into the water system and oceans each time the garment s gets laundered.


Because we produce all over the world, we can tailor the production of the components, fabrics, trims and labour to be as carbon efficient as possible, reducing the carbon footprint by reducing the miles fabrics, trims and garments travel before they reach our client.


Recycled polyester fibres retain the same performance as virgin polyester, allowing them to continue to wick moisture away from the skin and dry increadibly fast with the advantage of using much less power to produce recycled polyester while cleaning up the oceans from our plastic waste.


On average, to produce a women’s legging from recycled polyester instead of virgin polyester used around 75-85 plastic bottles collected from our oceans. 


If you are interested in producing a range of activewear from either recycled polyester or sustainable fibres such as Tencel or merino, please get in touch