Our Sportswear Design and Production Services

Brand name and logo creation


Many of our start up clients don’t have a brand name or logo or have an idea that needs to be developed into a suitable brand. 


Branding is critical to the success of the business with consumers buying into brands, not just because of the products they produce but because of the tone, imagery, values, provenance and style. 


Having the world’s best product is only one step of the journey to success and while it’s the backbone of the business, having a poorly executed brand will instantly dilute or ruin the good work the product offers. 


Every touch point the consumer sees must be on point to win the love of the consumers and help spread the word to friends and family.  A brand with a strong identity and values pulls at the heart strings of the consumer who fall in love with the brand for life and come back over and over again. 


We can create brands for our client that are more than a name and logo. It’s a tone and style that sets the foundations for everything the brand will create from thereon. The formula is set for social platform, film, photography, tone and style. Guidelines are created to share to the team and adhere to, to make sure the brand remains a brand and not just a great product.


Get in touch for more information and if you are thinking of starting a brand, make sure the foundations are strong.


Sportswear Designer


We design sportswear for our clients. We don’t design fashion, but we do design fashionable sportswear. Everything we design has an end performance requirement and our designs, therefore, need to be functional and perform to help the athlete train or compete.


We have designed for many brands since 1997 and have experience in designing gym & fitness, ski, outdoor, golf, equestrian, run, cycle, training, football, rugby, team-sports and sublimated sportswear. 


Everything we design is bespoke and starts with a blank page. We don’t offer “OFF THE SHELF” as this dilutes the USP and brand values our clients must protect. OFF THE SHELF white label has its place but if you want to create a strong brand , you must have strong product.


Before we design sportswear, we fully understand our client’s consumer and their needs. This is paramount, otherwise the product won’t live up to the brands consumer’s needs, be it style, quality, price and critically performance. Only after we fully understand the brand and consumer can we start to design the product and this will be done with a final factory and fabric in mind that is capable of executing the design into a finished product perfectly.


Knowing where the product will be manufactured and the fibres and fabrics it will be made from right from the get-go is imperative to making sure the design lives up to the expectations of our clients. If we don’t have a factory and fabric in mind, all we are doing is creating a picture without an end goal in mind. 



Sportswear samples and development


After the design stage, we create tech packs (specifications) together to help the factory produce prototypes and samples that are as close to the final production as possible. 


We always produce prototypes and samples in the factory that will produce the finished production to not only save cost but also to help educate the factory in the product through understanding why the product is created and designed the way it is. 


We also build into the design many specific features that are manufactured using specific technologies and manufacturing processes and therefore it’s imperative we understand that these can be executed by the factory before we go into bulk production. 


We usually end up producing 2 prototypes and one final sample before bulk production starts and the cost of these samples varies depending on the factory selected for the bulk. It also depends on the sample we are developing and simple styles using less expensive fabrics and components will cost less than a complex waterproof sailing jacket made from GORE-TEX.

The lead time to produce samples varies too, again depending on the complexities of the garment but also the capacity of the factories sample room. Sometimes it can be a couple of weeks and in the worst case could be a couple of months depending on when we sample hits the sample room.


Sourcing a sportswear factory


We work with many different factories around the world that include Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, China and Vietnam. 


We only work with quality factories that are audited and produce for blue chip brands and have a focus on premium to luxury. We don’t work with clients chasing the last cent and who want to push down the cost of production by hard negotiation. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for and we believe strongly that the factory gets a fair price for the service they provide.


Nearly all of our factories don’t advertise as they have a great reputation and repeat custom from established brands. Many of the brands request that they don’t promote they produce for them to help protect their sources so watch out for factories that heavily promote they make for XYZ brands. Chances are they have bought a couple of samples from the internet and then claim they have produced it.


Sportswear Production


After we have concluded the sampling stage and the order is in place with the factory, we continue to develop the samples through a series of sealing and size samples to guarantee the factory have graded the patterns perfectly and have also adopted the tweaks we make during the sampling process. 


We measure the size sets and approve for bulk production and we monitor the quality and process throughout the production stage. 


Once the production has ended, we request shipment samples to finally approve the bulk production and sometimes visit the factory to see the production taking place.


We can also organise 3rdparty QC and AQL inspections throughout the production process if required.


We have several factories that can produce the following products.


Merino wool

Polo shirts


T shirts



Compression wear



Sports Bras



Bib shorts

Cycle jerseys


Ski jackets





Many of our smaller start up clients require pre orders via a crowdfunding platform to raise the capital to pay for bulk production. 


We can help organise and manage this process from platform creation, pledges, photography, graphics, art direction and film.


Crowdfunding can be a great way to launch a brand, not only because it can provide the capital to go into production but also provides a database of customers for you to communicate to after the launch and promote new styles. If the campaign gathers some traction, it also exposes the brand to many more customers than a simple website launch.




All of our start-ups require a website and online marketing. We assist with many of these clients to create this through a suite of services that include-:

  • Photoshoots

  • Video

  • Pacshots

  • Social Media creation

  • Online advertising (Google and socials)

  • SEO

  • Website creation

When creating your website and online adverts, it's paramount these represent your brand language and message and working with us maintains this language. We also REALLY understand sport and what the athlete feels, wears, looks like, thinks and suffers. Working with us on these aspects maintains authenticity rather than working through an agency that markets corn flakes one week and accountancy practices the next.

So many times, we see adverts for sportswear brands using models with full make up, or wearing accessories that are totally unsuitable. We see models pretending to carry out the sport the brand stands for but clearly hasn't ever done this sport before because posture and position is all wrong. Consumers by into authenticity and this is why selecting your marketing agency is critical.

Having a continued brand eye on the final look and feel of the website and marketing collateral feeds back into the importance of “Brand” and it’s in our interest to make sure your brand, product and launch is as perfect as possible, and you succeed. If you do well, then we do well. 

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