Many thanks for getting in touch.

We get many enquiries every day from entrepreneurs looking to start their sportswear brand and unfortunately we can only manage to work with a limited amount at any one time.
It is therefore vital you give us as much information about your exciting project as possible so that we can evaluate this better and reply to you with all of the facts in place. This process saves a lot of time going back and forth and the more information you provide, the more accurately we can gauge your enquiry and it’s potential.
Can we therefore ask that you email
STUART@BLUE-ASSOCIATES.CO.UK with answers to the below questions. Please expand as much as possible and provide as much information as you have. The more detail the better.

  • Yourname?

  • Your email address?

  • Your phone number?

  • Where in the world are you based?

  • Why do you want to start up a sportswear brand?

  • What is your concept? Tell us why you are different.

  • What is your overall budget to launch this brand? Your budget should include everything from branding, product design, samples, launch, website, marketing.

  • Do you think you require investment or crowdfunding to pay for the bulk production? Buying stock is the biggest investment when you launch a brand and many of our clients opt to take pre orders on crowdfunding platforms to help fund their stock.

  • Can you confirm what category within sports you are targeting? – eg: – Gym & fitness, Cycling, Football etc.

  • When would you like to launch your brand?

  • How many different styles of sportswear are you looking to launch? Can you send a list of these styles – eg Sweatshirt with hood. Ladies leggings (plain) Ladies leggings (printed) etc.

  • Do you have a brand name registered? If so, what is it? If not, do you have any ideas on brand names?

  • Do you have a 5 year plan for the brand?

  • How did you find us?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this and remember, the more information you provide the better.